Mangrove Watch

Mangroves and tidal saltmarshes are amongst the most endangered marine wetland habitats worldwide.

‘MangroveWatch’ is a program that has been established to address the urgent need to preserve and protect threatened tidal wetland ecosystems as well as addressing both scientific and environmental management needs.

This new monitoring program targets estuarine and coastal systems where there are mangroves, saltmarsh and saltpans. Like Seagrass-Watch the program uses a partnership between community volunteers and scientists.

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Welcome to MangroveWatch

MangroveWatch is a comprehensive resource on the ecology and identification of mangroves, as well as monitoring and research initiatives.

If you would like to know more about mangroves, participate in MangroveWatch activities or just follow our progress then we invite you to bookmark our site and visit us regularly.

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Register your interest

If you are interested in establishing a Mangrove Watch node in your area then please contact the the Mangrove Hub Facilitator. Download the MangroveWatch brochure and contact our River Keepers if you would like to join an existing MangroveWatch program.

Monitoring Programs

We are all interested in maintaining healthy mangrove ecosytems. We will list and link to groups who have their own mangrove watch activities in their own countries and regions.

What is a mangrove

Find out what defines a mangrove.

The Biggest and Oldest Mangrove

We're on the hunt for world's largest (and oldest) mangrove. The record so far is 3m diameter and 730yrs old! Send us your pics.

Click this article to see some of the candidates The Biggest and Oldest Mangrove.

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World Mangrove iD app now available

The new MangroveWatch World Mangrove iD App for iPhone, iPad and Android is now available. Find out more about this app in Latest News.

No mangroves – no fish!

Mangroves are essential habitat where bountiful and beneficial fish live, feed and breed. Mangroves nurture 75% of Queensland’s fish catch.

Healthy mangroves – healthy catchment!

Responsive mangroves act as end-of-catchment indicators. Mangroves show the effects of runoff sediments, nutrients and agricultural chemicals.

‘Coastal kidneys’ – protect the Reef!

Coastal mangroves protect the Reef by filtering catchment runoff, and reducing shoreline erosion. Healthy mangroves support healthy corals with clearer, cleaner water - lower in sediments and chemicals.

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Why Mangrove Watch?

  • Learn about mangroves in your region
  • Discover the many benefits of mangroves
  • Explain misconceptions about mangroves
  • Monitor changes to mangroves and river health
  • Help with surveys of estuary condition
  • Join a mangrove rehab team
  • Get advice and training from specialists

Our Major Sponsors

A program helping community volunteers to monitor mangroves as indicators of environmental impact and change.

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Australia's Mangroves - the book

The authoritative guide to Australia’s mangrove plants.

Author: Norm Duke, Design & Layout: Diana Kleine. To see more details of this book - click on the link below

Australia's Mangroves - the book

Getting Involved

If you would like to find out more about us or if you like to initiate your own MangroveWatch group within your area, please contact someone at the Mangrove Hub. We will be happy to help.

  • Mangrove Hub Facilitator
  • Dr Norm Duke
  • MangroveWatch Ltd
    ABN: 44 153 297 771
  • PO Box 1250,
  • Elanora Q 4221
  • Mangrove Hub Email

Mangrove Watch Brochure

You can download our fact and information sheet (see link below) to get more information about the MangroveWatch programs.

Mangrove Watch Brochure