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Boardwalks - QLD, Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Google Earth: 27°28’42.53 S; 153°01’53.22 E

Mangroves surrounding the old Botanic Gardens form the largest stand of mangroves along the city reach of Brisbane River. This mangrove boardwalk forms part of an extensive riverside walkway from New Farm to Toowong. Ideally located adjacent to the Central Business District of Brisbane, this mangrove boardwalk provides access to a rare natural respite in the middle of the city. The dense shade of dominant Avicennia forests are also a refuge for many kinds of wildlife including birds, crabs, mudskippers and small fish which can be viewed along the walk.

The boardwalk is well maintained and easily accessible, with informative interpretive signage and multiple seating stops to view the river and the spectacular Kangaroo Point cliffs. There are essentially two boardwalks forming three loops connected by wide paved paths along this leafy section of the riverbank.

It is a great place to take the kids for a weekend stroll, take a lunchtime break, or just pass on through on the way to work. There are also guided walks that include the terrestrial gardens adjacent to boardwalk where you can learn about the Dirrabel people, and other stories about early settlement with this site being the original market gardens for the young city, and the remains of a convict built wall.

Location Details

  • Distance/length: 380 meter
  • Location: Old Botanic Gardens, QUT reach of the Brisbane River.
  • Walking Time: 20-30 mins.
  • Address: Albert Street, Brisbane City.
  • Directions: Follow the river walk around from under the riverside expressway, Goodwill Bridge or the QUT city cat stop or enter through the Old Botanic Gardens off Albert Street. Conveniently located 10 minutes from Gardens Point Ferry Terminal.
  • Contact: For more information phone the Brisbane City Council (+617 3404 8888), or visit the City information booth at the George street entrance to the Queen St Mall.
  • Visitor Centre open 7 days a week. Brochures available.
  • Website
  • Facilities

  • parking
  • Wheelchair access
  • Toilet amenities
  • Pets
  • Picnic tables
  • BBQ facilities
  • Shelter
  • Bikes
  • Playground
  • Water
  • Fishing
  • No boatramp
  • Information sign
  • No information centre
  • Guided walk
  • dining
  • Lighting


  • Mangroves

    Grey Mangrove (Avicennia marina)
    River Mangrove (Aegiceras corniculatum)
  • Saltmarsh

  • General Vegetation

    She or Swamp Oak (Casuarina glauca)
  • Birds

    Honeyeaters, Silver Eyes, Wagtail, Grey Heron, Teal Duck, Grey Fantail, Egrets

  • Invertebrates in the mud

    Crabs (Uca sp., plus others), Whelks and other molluscs,
    Mudskippers, Snapping Shrimp
  • Invertebrates in the vegetation

    Butterflies (sp to be identified)
    The odd spider
  • Rare & Endangered Biota

  • Waterlife



Dawn Couchman, Queensland Department Primary Industry & Fisheries, Marine Fish Habitat Unit (9 Jan. 2006)

Jock Mackenzie, The University of Queensland, Centre for Marine Studies (9 Jan. 2006)

Community Volunteers

A key feature of MangroveWatch is its close partnership between community volunteers and scientists from the James Cook University’s Mangrove Hub. Together they are systematically recording basic data as video and still imagery for assessments of estuarine habitat health.

Armed with expert support, training and advice, MangroveWatch volunteers in key regions are actively contributing to the monitoring of local estuaries and shorelines. An important goal in this phase of the program is to develop a network of like minded groups with the aim of producing public documents that describe important issues affecting local estuaries and mangroves, and their overall health.

Getting Involved

If you would like to find out more about us or if you like to initiate your own MangroveWatch group within your area, please contact someone at the Mangrove Hub. We will be happy to help.

  • Mangrove Hub Facilitator
  • Dr Norm Duke
  • MangroveWatch Ltd
    ABN: 44 153 297 771
  • PO Box 1250,
  • Elanora Q 4221
  • Mangrove Hub Email

Mangrove Watch Brochure

You can download our fact and information sheet (see link below) to get more information about the MangroveWatch programs.

Mangrove Watch Brochure