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Official Launch of Gidarjil Mangrove Watch Project

Gidarjil Mangrove Watch Project Official Launch

The Gidarjil Mangrove Watch Project, part of the Coastal Habitat Archive and Monitoring Program (CHAMP) was officially launched in March. The monitoring program will cover 200km of coastline in the Port Curtis and Port Alma region in the Gladstone region.

Read more about the launch in the Gladstone News and also a long term monitoring program at Barney Point in the Gladstone Observer.


Sea Level Rise Impact on Darwin's Mangroves

Sea Level Rise Impact on Darwin's Mangroves

Researchers investigate the impact of sea level rise on Darwin's mangroves. Read this ABC News Article for more information on the effect of climate change on mangroves in Darwin.

CHAMPioning Mangroves in Port Curtis and Port Alma

CHAMPioning Mangroves in Port Curtis and Port Alma

On Saturday March 28 a new program will be launched to film mangrove shorelines around Gladstone as part of a new Coastal Habitat Archive and Monitoring Program (CHAMP).

The MangroveWatch team lead by Dr Norm Duke will conduct a talk about the project and its objectives. For more information see the invitation below.

Champ invitation

Moreton Bay Citizen Science

Mangrove Watch Morton Bay

Read about the latest citizen science initiatives by the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland in the February Newsletter.

Of particular interest to MangroveWatchers is the article on the T.S. Onslow Mangrove Rehabilitation project and Mangrove monitoring in Bulimba Creek.

Saibai island large avicennia marina

Torres Strait MangroveWatch Team with large Avicennia Marina

The Torres Strait MangroveWatch team on Saibai Island have located large Avicennia marina trees scattered within mangrove areas on the western end of the island.

There are at least 100 trees of this size at this location. Their age you corresponds with local stories of when there was a village nearby at Surum. These trees were used for protection and look out points for PNG raiders and have been the highest trees on Saibai at location at the time.

Torres Strait MangroveWatch plan to GPS these trees next dry season as it is a significant cultural site and an important ecological site for these species.

To learn more about the project please contact the Project Manager Land at Torres Strait Regional Authority

For more information or to contact the Torres Strait group visit Torres Strait MangroveWatch.


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