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Australias Mangroves


This illustrated key identifies all 41 of Australia’s mangroves using a series of paired statements that compare diagnostic characters.

There are a three easy steps for using the key:

Step 1
Start with the STAR.
Choose between a palm/ground fern, or shrub/tree.
Step 2
Follow the arrow down and choose again between the next pair of characters. Continue over the next 3 pages until you get a genus or species name.
Step 3
If you get a genus name go to the genus page and follow the key there to get a species name.

Genera with more than one species have individually coloured blocks. Single species are in blue text. Species pages are alphabetically listed by genus name.

The same diagnostic characters are used in the Mangrove Identification Wheel.

Leaf types Simple opposite leaves Simple alternate leaves

Community Volunteers

A key feature of MangroveWatch is its close partnership between community volunteers and scientists from the James Cook University’s Mangrove Hub. Together they are systematically recording basic data as video and still imagery for assessments of estuarine habitat health.

Armed with expert support, training and advice, MangroveWatch volunteers in key regions are actively contributing to the monitoring of local estuaries and shorelines. An important goal in this phase of the program is to develop a network of like minded groups with the aim of producing public documents that describe important issues affecting local estuaries and mangroves, and their overall health.

Getting Involved

If you would like to find out more about us or if you like to initiate your own MangroveWatch group within your area, please contact someone at the Mangrove Hub. We will be happy to help.

  • Mangrove Hub Facilitator
  • Dr Norm Duke
  • MangroveWatch Ltd
    ABN: 44 153 297 771
  • PO Box 1250,
  • Elanora Q 4221
  • Mangrove Hub Email

Mangrove Watch Brochure

You can download our fact and information sheet (see link below) to get more information about the MangroveWatch programs.

Mangrove Watch Brochure